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New Skyrim DLC Hearthfire Announced

To those of you still wrapping up your extended adventure in Dawnguard there is exciting news to be heard. Today Bethesda announced the next Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim DLC named Hearthfire. Those of you who enjoy charging into fortresses and bashing in bandit skulls may be a little taken aback by the details surrounding this DLC. Hearthfire is geared towards those players who love building relationships, decorate rooms with cheese wheels, and hoard troll skulls in chests.

What we know so far is pretty exciting. Players will be able to purchase a plot of land, build a custom house that they can upgrade to accommodate multiple purposes such as crafting, and raise children. All inhabitants of Skyrim can expect to see this new DLC on the Xbox Marketplace on September 4th for 400 Microsoft Points ($5) and on PC and PS3 roughly a month later. Get ready to lay down your broadsword and read your little tyke a story next to your slowly searing Skeever meat on the fire, Hearthfire is coming.


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