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New Sly Cooper Will Go Where You Go

In an interview today Glen Egan, President of Sanzaru Games, announced that their upcoming Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time will be available for the Playstation Vita as well as Playstation 3. The portable version of the game will make full use of the Vita’s unique functions, such as utilizing both touchscreens, movement controls and even the often-neglected cross-play function. This means that fans will be able to literally slip their favorite thievius devious raccoonus into their pocket and continue their adventure during the morning commute, or anywhere else the feeling may take them.

Even with the Vita’s somewhat gimmicky features in the way, players should have no problem enjoying Sly’s costume-packed adventure through time on the portable devices’ 960 x 544 OLED display. Integration of motion controls likely means that players will be asked to do a few balancing challenges, similar to the experience with Uncharted: Golden Abyss, at points along their journey. Egan also confirmed that this portable version will share a release date with its console sister sometime this fall, indicating in some way that the Vita version has been given a similar amount of care as the console version.

Look to pick up right where you left off in Sly 3 later this year, and wherever you go, take Sly with you.


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