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New Splinter Cell Blacklist Developer Walkthrough

The Splinter Cell team has released another video, and this time we get to see the three different game types that players will be able to use during their time in Blacklist. The three types are Ghost, Panther and Assault; it is up to the gamer to decide how they are going to play through the latest entry in the Splinter Cell series. Not only that, but we get a glimpse at some of the tools that Sam will have at his disposal during the game, and an enemy that renders his gadgets useless until he is dealt with.

The Ghost style is the first to be shown. This has been the traditional way to play the games. Hiding in the shadows, and striking silently are the ways to gain points throughout the play through. These points will determine your overall score. Sam can create shadows if he needs to, allowing him to get from one area of the map to another, giving him the drop on his enemies. One of Sam’s items is the tri rotor, this allows him to find enemies within the area, and even take them out without being detected. Players be warned, the tri-rotor can be seen by enemies, so use with caution.

Panther is the play style that fans of Splinter Cell Conviction will be extremely familiar with. Using a combination of Ghost and Assault; allowing the player to be a truly effective killer. This mode is defined by the “mark and execute” system and the new “killing in motion” system. These two systems will allow Sam to clear an entire area in one seamless motion. The mark and execute system allows the player to tag enemies, and take them out as long as they are in their line of site. Killing in motion allows the player to move from stealth to enemy fluidly.

These two play styles are what receive the most attention during the playthrough. The maps seem to be extremely versatile for the player, offering several ways for them to tackle each scenario. The ability for the player to change how they go through a level, will certainly add to the longevity of the game.

Assault is the non-traditional way to play a Splinter Cell game. This means going into an area guns blazing, making sure there are no survivors. Assault players will have to worry about all the enemies in the area knowing about them, but it is definitely possible to play the game in this style.

The enemy that players will have to fear is the new tech enemy. This enemy type can render Sam’s goggles useless, forcing the player to get even closer to the enemies in the area, which could harm the players end score, and possibly lead to a game over if you are not careful.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist releases on August 20th for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC.


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