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New Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Trailer

Do you like Japanese games?  Desolate, post-apocalyptic cities?  Giant, walking tanks?  If so, the new trailer for Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor looks like it might be right up your alley.  The game is developed by FromSoftware, the minds behind the Armored Core series and more recently, Demon’s Souls and its sequel Dark Souls, both renowned for their difficulty and challenging gameplay.

Steel Battalion looks as though it will make great use of both the Kinect sensor and the Xbox controller to drive your walking tank robot thing. The trailer shows on-screen prompts for both devices, and hints that you should ‘use them together… if you want to survive’.  

Steel Battalion combines a fairly detailed-looking tank simulator with lots of button pressing and periscope-gazing with action gameplay that lets you blast apart enemy tanks with shells and mow down infantry with a turret-mounted gun.  While it’s difficult to get a feel for exactly how the game plays from the trailer, it certainly looks like it’s worth following, for the slightly steampunk-looking walking tanks if nothing else!


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