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New Tales from the Borderlands Trailer

"We get a few more details on Telltale and Gearbox's hot new collaboration"
Despite being announced at the tail end of last year, details have been relatively thin on the ground for Tales from the Borderlands. 
We knew that it would be an adventure game collaboration between Telltale Studios and Gearbox Software and that it would be set in the latter's Borderlands universe. Aside from that and some vague story particulars, we've not had much else to go on. Thankfully, this new trailer remedies that, to an extent. It properly establishes where the game fits within the wider Borderlands timeline, as well as more firmly setting up the plot and characters.
Some have been skeptical about how well the two studios' respective styles would work together, but I think this trailer puts to bed any worries I had. There's a whole lot of flair to this thing for sure. Tales from the Borderlands is planned for an ambiguous late 2014 release (running out of time on that one!) on pretty much every current platform that isn't the Wii U.


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