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New Trailer for Capcom’s Remember Me

Capcom has been getting invested into new IPs recently it seems. Last year we saw them try at a fantasy IP with Dragon's Dogma, which was fantastic, and with an anime IP branded Asura's Wrath, which was weird. Remember Me seems to be their take on the genre of science-fiction.

Judging from the trailer it seems to have a distinct artstyle, action based combat, and a technological world very reminiscient of the original "Total Recall" or "Blade Runner." Constant radio chatter from your contact seems to be present and the story seems to be a series of tasks given to you by him. The objective: (At least in the trailer) to steal a memory that features all of the recorded data of all the buildings built by a woman. It may draw some concepts from "Tron" with the orange cube, as opposed to the "identity disc", that lies behind the character's head that may feature the character's identity and code. The game looks extremely cinematic with extremely well done voice acting. Check out the trailer below.

What can you infer from the trailer, and how well do you think Capcom's latest new IPs have faired? Let us know in the comments below.


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