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New Trailer For Game Of Thrones: The Game: Of Thrones

Coinciding with the Winter Solstice, Atlus and Cyanide Studios have released a trailer for the latest video game adaptation of George R. R. Martin's A Song Of Fire And Ice book series, A Game Of Thrones the RPG.  This should not be confused with Cyanide's other adaptation that came out earlier this year, A Game Of Thrones: Genesis, the strategy game.

This time players will be controlling two new characters who have adventures in Westeros during the time period of the first book in the series.  Both characters will be playable with traditional RPG gameplay in an adventure that will involve may familiar locations and faces.

The game was in development before the TV series debuted, and is based on the book series, but as you can see from the trailer below the art style and character designs are often inspired by the look of HBO's show.

A Game Of Thrones will come out for PC, PS3 and Xbox in 2012, although an exact release date hasn't been set yet.  Check back with Player Affinity for more news as it comes and watch the trailer below:


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