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New Trailer From Dead Island Animators

There are no zombies in this trailer for Risen 2: Dark Waters, but it does have Pirates, Voodoo, and a giant tentacle-monster.  Made by Axis Animation who stormed the internet a couple of months ago with their artistic, heart-wrenching trailer for Dead Island, this new trailer has plenty of action, and couple of interesting plot twists.

“We were already well into production on Dead Island when Deep Silver approached us about working on the Risen 2 trailer.” says Richard Scott, Executive Producer at Axis Animation, "Our relationship with all the team at Deep Silver was going so well that we grabbed the chance to get on board another project with them.”

The trailer, was directed by Wiek Luijken who also directed the viral Dead Island trailer, and it has music by Savalas, the same company that provided the haunting score to Axis' zombie trailer.

The Risen series is set in the Age of Sail, but with a mythological twist: the world is dominated by monstrous Titans who have nearly destroyed humanity.  Risen 2 is developed by Piranha Bytes who also make the Gothic series; it is published by Deep Silver who brought us S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky, and are behind the upcoming Dead Island.  Risen 2 will come out for PC, XBox and Playstation later this year.


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