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New Update for League of Legends

Preseason is an exciting time for League of Legends players, more so this season than ever before. With the end of season 2 in the very recent past, season 3 is looking better and better especially with the redesign of multiple facets of League of Legends gameplay.

The official Preseason Webpage lists and enumerates all the changes included in Tuesday's patch, but can be a bit large for those of use looking for quick and easy information. For those of us looking for a concise summary here's the skinny:

Items: Some were changed, some were added, and a couple were removed.

Jungle: More difficult resulting in less jungler presence in lanes in early game.

Masteries and Summer Spells: Masteries have been completely redone, make sure to set them up before hopping in a ranked queue!

Support Role: Thanks to the addition of some masteries, Supports are not encouraged to harass and be part of the action. 

We could sit around all day and articulate all the small details with this patch, but it won't ultimately sink in until you experience it yourself. Get in there Summoners! 


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