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New Van Lente Series at Dark Horse

Over last weekend, the Phoenix Comic Con was held in Arizona, and there were a number of stories to emerge from convention. One interesting story was that Dark Horse announced a new comic book series from acclaimed writer Fred Van Lente called Resurrectionists. The series will begin in November. Joining Van Lente on Resurrectionists will be artists Maurizio Rozenweig and Moreno Dinisio, along with covers from Juan Doe.     Van Lente is a versatile comic book writer who has worked on action, humor, superhero and fantasy series. He created the humor history series Action Philosophers and Comic Book Comics with illustrator Ryan Dunlavey. He’s written Incredible Hercules and Marvel Zombies for Marvel Comics and G.I. Joe for IDW Comics. Additionally, he has been recently involved in a number of projects for Dark Horse Comics. He has the launch writer on the series Brain Boy and the new Conan the Barbarian series Conan the Avenger, while also penning the new web comic related to Dark Horse’s superhero line “Project Black Sky.” Resurrectionists will be the first creator-owned series for Van Lente.     The story of Resurrectionists centers on thief Jericho Way, who is one of the small group of individuals called “Resurrectionists,” people who can inhabit their previous lives. Now that he has discovered this ability, he has to choose between competing groups that want to use his new powers. On one hand, there is the secret Sojourn corporation and on the other is a group of thieves who have been trying to rob the same grave for thousands of years. Way faces a tough decision about his former lives that will affect his future one.


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