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New Vegas Gets First Patch

Bethesda has made the Mojave Wasteland a bit tamer this week with the release of the first patch for Fallout: New Vegas. New Vegas, though well-received by critics, has endured numerous complaints of bugs since shipping last week. These have ranged from floating enemies to gameplay freezes to the corruption of saved data.

Bethesda made the announcement of the patch, which is now available across all platforms, via a post on its Web site. Though they have not listed all of the changes the patch brings, the company said that it contains over 200 fixes to the game. The post also mentions that “a small group of 360 users” are unable to load their saved games because they keep receiving a DLC warning. Bethesda states that this bug is “their highest priority right now” and that they will find out what is causing it, along with other instances of saved game corruption. Until then, the company advises gamers to save often and revert to older files if necessary.

Have any of you readers been affected by these bugs? Has it put you off the game or are you still exploring through the Wasteland?


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