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New Venom, Host, Misson and Series From Marvel

Venom will return in 2011! As of Siege, Mac Gargan is currently in prison paying for the many crimes that he has committed as Venom. So while he’s out of the picture, it looks like the Symbiote is going to have to find a new host. Marvel states that Mac Gargan will return to his original identity, Scorpion in 2011. What’s going to happen to the Symbiote in 2011? Is it good or is it bad? Lets find out!

In February’s Amazing Spider-Man #654.1 (yes .1) we will witness the birth of all-new Venom. With a new host and an all-new mission, Venom might no longer be the villain that everyone knows, however the hero that no one expected! Writer Rick Remender (Uncanny X-Force) and artist Tony Moore (Frankencastle) will be creating the ongoing series for this new Venom in March. Writer Dan Slott will be paving the way for the new Venom in Amazing Spider-Man #654.1, and Rick Remender will be continuing that paved story in his VENOM #1.

 Here is the plot by Rick Remender:

New Venome“Due to the volatile nature of Project Venom, the Pentagon has come in and flagged some of my answers for security concerns. The enhanced, black ops agent Venom, is charged with chasing a trail across the globe to uncover the man behind a plot to sell the world’s dictators and terrorists weaponized, all while juggling a double life, and a growing addiction to a Symbiote that is constantly trying to take him over. The chalice is poisoned; can only wear the suit a few days at a time and the assignment itself is finite [as] for his own safety he will one day be taken off Project Venom, he continues. The tension is only compiled by the stress of keeping his black ops missions secret from his loved ones, the classic Spider-Man villains he’s set against, and the deep depression he begins to feel when separated from the suit and the it offers.”

Rick Remender states that they aren’t focusing on the Symbiote suit, however the man inside the suit. The protagonist will have to struggle with many things during his run as Venom. While Venom might be under control for a short time, weapons like the Symbiote seem to never be able to control as a weapon.

To think if it’s someone Peter Parker/Spider-Man knows, it has to be only two people. Either Peter’s old roommate, Vin Gonzalez, or Steve Roger’s test pilot, John Jameson. The John Jameson hypothesis seems a little off, but wouldn’t it be cool to see the son of J. Jonah Jameson spinning webs with Spider-Man too?

So as 2011 is just right around the corner, Marvel is laying out some good titles for next year! Do you like how Venom will be a superhero for the Government? Or would you want Venom to remain as a murdering psychopath? With every question there is an answers, so I guess we’ve got to wait until February comes by and see what will happen to Venom and his Brand New Day!


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