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New Worlds Comics Launching This February!

On February 26th, a new comic book company will be launching on the iPad and then will continue to take over digitally on the iPhone, then Android, then the web. This comic book company? New Worlds Comics. The first two comics from New Worlds Comics will become available on their iTunes page the same day the company launches. Wynter #1 The first comic book is Wynter, the story of 17-year-old Liz Wynter. It’s written by New Worlds Comics (who is also the CEO of New Worlds Comics) and drawn by Aron Elekes. In Wynter’s world, commercials play in her head when she goes to sleep and when she wakes up she gets to see how many people followed and saw her dreams. The problem is, because there are so many people in the galaxy that every three days people are born with her exact DNA structure. In a world where everyone feels special, Liz is not. This sounds like a promising title and I wonder if the creative team has in mind what I think they do – Youtube taken to the extreme? Goof #1 New Worlds Comics second comic book is a comedy called Goof. Also written by Guy Hasson and drawn by Guillermo Ramirez, Goof is about the goofiest superhero in the world: Nick Knickerbocker. He was given superpowers by aliens who chose him to protect the Earth but unfortunately they turned him into a supergoof. Both these issues will be $3.99 and will be about 22-23 pages long. An artist's sketchbook for each will also be released and will cost $2.99. Here is New Worlds Comics’ manifesto:
  • Top-notch original stories. We’re dedicated to originality and quality.
  •  A story is a writer’s dream. The essence of a story comes from the very core of the writer. One writer shouldn’t handle another’s story. One writer, one story – all the way through.
  • All stories have endings. A series that doesn’t have an ending won’t have a middle. It will tread water in the same place, as many comic book series do. The middle is an exciting part of the story. As is the ending, even if it’s sad that it is the end. Some series will end after 12 issues, some after 50. Some more. But all will end. You should take nothing for granted when you know the story won’t go on forever. Change is guaranteed. Anything can happen. A second series of a story, a prequel can also happen in New Worlds Comics. But characters and worlds will change as stories continue. Time does pass. Characters do die or change. All stories end.
  • No continuity. We’re here to create new worlds, not one new world. Each title will be true to its own continuity but will not be a part of other titles’ universes.
  • Only the best artists for us. Graphic artists should create art, not product. Our comic books are art, not a product.
  •  Artists should be treated as artists. It’s hard making a living as an artist. Artists should be paid each time someone buys their art, regardless of having been paid for doing the work. Every time you buy a comic book, the artist and writer of that work gets a very nice percentage.
  • Women are heroes. In New World Comics, most (not all) of our titles will have women as the protagonists. If you think women can’t be heroes (super- or otherwise), look out the window. Female secondary characters, even in titles that have men as protagonists, will also be real women. Check out Liz Wynter in Wynter #1 to see what we mean.
I like a lot of the ideas New Worlds Comics is planning to play around with. Time has always seemed to be in a standstill in comics. Otherwise Batman, Wonder Woman, even Superman, would have probably died from old age by now. In this universe, characters will not live forever and I think it would be fascinating if a character lived for years in real-time and we got to see them age like they would in the real-world. Of course, I also love the idea of frequently having women protagonists and strong female secondary characters. There are some very empowering women in comics, and I hope New Worlds Comics can deliver a couple more fantastic heroines into the world of comics. New Worlds Comics To get New Worlds Comics first couple of comic books, go to their iTunes page on February 26th. You can also visit their official website or follow them on twitter.  


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