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New Xbox 360 Dashboard Releasing Next Week

The latest iteration of the Xbox 360 dashboard was demoed by Microsoft at the Nokia World event, and according to rumor site Win Rumors, the dashboard will be released sometime within the next week, despite it previously rumored to launch on November 15.

The new dashboard version, dubbed “Madrid,” will have increased Kinect functionality, more Facebook integration, and Cloud data storage. The update will also allow users to browse media on their Xbox 360 consoles using a Windows Phone. At the Nokia World event, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore demonstrated this compatibility with a Kinectimals app. Users can accessorize their Kinectimal on their phone, and transfer it to their Xbox 360 game by holding up their phone screen in front of the Kinect’s sensor. The dashboard update will also include Youtube and Bing. Using the Kinect’s voice recognition, users will be able to browse search results on Bing. BBC, SyFy, and almost 40 other television providers will also have content on the Xbox 360.   

You can watch a hands-on demo of the Windows Phone features here:


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