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Next ‘Bond’ Already Planned for 2014

Lots of major franchises like to move forward on sequels before the previous film's release. The Amazing Spider-Man sequel has been fast-tracked for some time as have many other superhero properties. Now, the long-running "Bond" series will join the club. Although Skyfall releases in November, Sony and MGM already have plans to get Bond back on the big screen as soon as possible.

At CinemaCon in Las Vegas, Sony Pictures’ President of Worldwide Distribution Rory Bruer announced that "Bond 24" will be released in 2014. This is in keeping with MGM’s previously hinted  strategy of releasing a Bond movie every two years. “Bond 24” is also Daniel Craig’s first "optional" movie in his original contract which gives him the right to refuse. Don't expect it, however, as Craig has said numerous times he would like to play Bond as long as he can.

Skyfall will be in theaters on Oct. 26 in the UK and Nov. 9 in North America.


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