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Next Call of Duty Game Titled?

The next Call of Duty title could be called Call of Duty: Ghosts, and also could be set for a November release date.

The above image today was leaked and already since pulled from a UK retailer, but all the signs appear correct. Remember this is the year that we get an Infinity Ward developed Call of Duty, so I'm mildly interested to see what changes they bring to the franchise, but I, like most people I would assume, have to be getting tired of this franchise by now, right? 

There's also a slight rumor the new title would be only available on the next gen consoles, but this image seems to debunk that. Also, that would seem highly stupid on Activision's part, as the amount of money they would see decreased this fall would be staggering, for the simple fact that not everyone is picking up a new console this fall.

In any case, we will know in a couple of weeks, as the publisher usually announces a new title in May.


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