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Nic Cage To Become An ‘Army of One’

"The Oscar winner (if you've forgotten) will play an Osama Bin Laden hunter in his next movie"
Nicolas Cage has probably one of the most wildly uneven careers for an Oscar-winning actor in Hollywood. In 2014 alone, he made two movies that were on polar opposite ends of the spectrum, in terms of quality. Joe was his more critically-acclaimed movie and was a reminder of the terrific actor he can be, when choosing quality over a paycheque. On the other side, he also starred in the remake of Left Behind, which was one of the most critically-reviled (and currently nominated for a Razzie) movies of 2014. Now, it looks as though he has chosen his most bizarre and interesting project to-date. Men___Male_Celebrity__056948_ According to Deadline, Nicolas Cage is set to star in Army of One, the strange true tale of Gary Faulkner’s mission to single-handedly hunt down Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. Larry Charles (Borat) is directing the feature, inspired by a 2010 GQ article about Faulker, the Colorado man who made headlines, and hit the late show circuit, for his quest to take down al Qaeda’s #1. Bob and Harvey Weinstein acquired North American rights to Army of One for their TWC-Dimension label after launching it with the international hit Paddington. The movie is written by Scott Rothman and Rajiv Joseph (Draft Day). Filming will begin this year. We shall see if this is the project that puts Cage back with the good graces of audiences and critics. No matter what, the outcome will be something unique, either good or bad.


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