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Nicholas Hoult is “Jack the Giant Killer”

The role of Jack in Jack the Giant Killer has been offered to British actor Nicholas Hoult. Hoult joins Bill Nighy and Stanley Tucci, who were recently cast in supporting roles.

Hoult starred in the U.K. edition of Skins and co-led About a Boy with Hugh Grant. Most recently, he’s part of the ensemble cast of X-Men: First Class, which includes James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, and Jennifer Lawrence among others. 

Deadline Hollywood points out that Bryan Singer, who will direct “Giant Killer,” produced “First Class.” That time on set likely allowed Singer to see how well Hoult could handle this role.

Hoult impressively held his own against Colin Firth’s dynamic performance in Tom Ford’s drama A Single Man, and while this role probably won’t require as much acting skill, he should be able to carry himself just fine here.

The role of the princess, the film's leading lady opposite Hoult, has still yet to be cast. 


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