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Nick Cave to rewrite “The Crow” remake

A revisit to Brandon Lee and Alex Proyas’ cult classic, The Crow, might be the last thing its fans desire, but a report from The Wrap reveals an interesting choice for the writer’s role: Australian singer/screenwriter Nick Cave.

In 2006, Cave was named in Variety’s list of the most promising new screenwriters, but since scribing director John Hillcoat’s gritty western The Proposition, he has been decidedly missing in action.

This new "Crow" project will be directed by Stephen Norrington (Blade) who was originally attached to the screenwriter’s credit as well. Though it seems the project, which is due out in 2011, will see the eccentric Cave in that position performing rewrites.

Cave was famously asked by Russell Crowe to write a sequel to Gladiator which reportedly would have concluded with "a 20-minute war sequence that ended up in Vietnam, and then in a toilet in the Pentagon, with [Crowe] as this rage-fuelled eternal warrior." The project never got the green-light. Hard to see why ...

The new version of The Crow is said to be closer in spirit to the comic books by James O'Barr's than the original film and with development clearly moving along, all attention will be on the casting of the main role of Eric Draven.



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