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Nickelodeon Relaunches and Revamps TMNT

Hello 80's child. No doubt you've arrived at this news article to see yet another charished memory destroyed by yet another relaunch/revamp. This time it's by Nickelodeon and it's the Ninja Turtles. In an attempt to win over the 'hardcore' fans of the franchise Nick is apparently tossing out preview images (as seen below) of the new series and even holding event days to display the good as well. What it really boils down to is that they need possitive hype behind this baby or it will fail to the waste side like so many other TMNT relaunches. I guess the big difference between those relaunches and this one, is that the new series will be CG and they're touting their nicknames like some grand prize. Of course this is all coming from someone how's Call of Duty clan tag is 'FOOT', so maybe I'm to close to this one. So what do you other 80's kids/ TMNT fans think?

Mikey - Nick - TMNT
Donnie - Nick - TMNT
Leo - Nick - TMNT
TMNT - Ralph - Nick
TMNT - NIck Yeah you thought the poster were okay didn't you? That's why this one is last to leave you with a bit of disappointment!


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