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Ninja Robots and Indie Games On Sale This Week

This week Steam’s Mid-week Madness sale is the indie action game Plain Sight for a whopping 80% off of its already low price of ten dollars.  If you like ninja robots, and you’re poor, you should have a look.  Speaking of big sales, over at gog.com they’re celebrating the German Gamescom convention with a sale on six old games that were popular with Teutonic Ubermench, including all three Realms of Arkania.


Gamersgate.com is in the final week of an awesome indie game sale, with 35 games going for up to 75% off.  That’s just three or four bucks to grab artsy-smarty titles like Braid, or Zombie Driver.  Okay, Zombie Driver ain’t gonna impress the wine and cheese crowd, but it’s on sale for a measly two fifty. 

has a great deal on the THQ Ultimate Bundle among other items on sale.  The THQ pack has seventeen games for ninety-nine dollars, including all the Red Faction titles.  Impulse Driven also has a gratuitous sale on Gratuitous Space Battles and its three expansions for just twenty-five dollars.  Telltalegames.com is offering a bundle of three seasons of Sam & Max for fifty dollars, which is 50% off the price of buying them individually.  And finally, Direct2drive.com is offering a pitiful five dollars off Just Cause 2.

Do yourself a favor and have a look at that Gamer’s Gate indie sale. 


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