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Nintendo Announces New Pronoun

Proving that they are determined to find the worst possible names for all of their products, Nintendo announced that their next console will be called the "Wii U".  Get it?  "We, You"?  I am not making that up.  If you can get over the silly name, there are three important things to know about the new pronoun.

First, it's a full HD modern system that will rival Microsoft and Sony in terms of graphics and conventional gaming.  It'll be out next year so that it can compete with the later years of those rival consoles.

Secondly, unlike many of their previous consoles, the Wii U (Keep saying it and you'll get used to it) will have good third party support, including big boy games like Ghost Recon Online,  Darksiders II, and Aliens: Colonial Marines.  We can expect the standard allotment of Nintendo franchises too, so you can bet you'll get Zelda U, Smash Brothers U, Metroid U, and Super MariU Brothers.

Finally, if you recall the brief period when Nintendo wanted you to use your Gameboy Advance as a Gamecube Controller, you'll get where they're going with the Wii U's controller, which looks a lot like a cross between an iPad and a Gameboy.  You'll be able to play games right on the controller, and use it as a second screen while playing games on the TV (Much like the Dreamcast VMU).

It's going to be backwards-compatible with the Wii, however the big question is what this spells for Nintendo's handheld line?  Will Wii U controllers actually become the next generation of handhelds?  Is the 3DS already obsolete two months after launch?  Check out the video below and see if you'd rather carry around a Wii U controller than a 3DS.



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