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Nintendo Announces the Nintendo 2DS

Nintendo announced a new version of the Nintendo 3DS called the Nintendo 2DS. As you may guess, it lacks the stereoscopic 3D screen.

The most notable difference is the form factor because for the first time in the Nintendo DS/3DS family, the system is completely flat. Nintendo of America President Reggie Fis-Aime label it as a “slate-like” design, but it’s easy to figure out that the handheld is aimed for the tablet-loving kids market.

However, other than the shape and the fact that it doesn't render 3D, it is the exact same thing as the 3DS hardware-wise. It still plays all the 3DS, DS and eShop titles and still has a SD card slot. The cameras are also the same and can still record 3D pictures and videos, though you’ll need to put the SD card in a 3DS or any other 3D screen to see them in 3D. The system will be available in both red and blue with a black front much like the 3DS XL.

If I had to guess why this exists, it is probably for two reasons: some parents are still scared about the 3D hurting their kid’s vision, and to drop the price. The Nintendo 2DS will launch on October 12th (the same day as Pokémon X/Y) and will retail for $129.99.


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