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Nintendo Direct Recap 3/3/16

"Nintendo's Spring/Summer slate shown off in latest Direct"
In the first Nintendo Direct of 2016, Nintendo updated their plans for the Spring and Summer to include more games, and detail those we haven’t seen in some time. And the first game listed is their heavy-hitter for the quarter: Star Fox. https://youtu.be/htMRhXPzYhY Star Fox Zero - Stages now have teleporters to create alternate paths - Much like Star Fox 64, there are multiple paths to Venom - There’s a co-op mode where one player flies with the Pro Controller and one aims with GamePad -Fox amiibo unlocks the SNES polygonal Arwing Ccp9iLtVAAAC-kb.jpg-large Star Fox Guard - Formally known as a tech demo named Project Guard, it was reworked into a standalone Star Fox title staring... Slippy - Over 100 challenges on disk and you can customize stages and upload them online for others to play - Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard come bundled together in a two-disk set on April 22nd. eShop customers will get a discount when buying one followed by the other, like they did with Bayonetta 1 and 2 Ccp9zMBUUAIoP-r.jpg-large Splatoon - Fortunately not done with content, the game is getting an update next week for more balanced gear abilities, adjustments to ranked battles and new Splatfest elements. - There will also be more weapon recommendation updates, where lesser-used weapons get a new lease on life with enhanced abilities Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games - Coming out on Wii U June 24th and 3DS later this month - Adds Rugby - Stadiums are modeled after their real-world counterparts Super Mario Maker - A new update coming that gives you keys and locked doors, skewers from Super Mario World, and pink coins that earn keys once collected - A new, Super Expert difficulty hitting the 100-Mario Challenge - Update is available on March 9th Ccp_HWHVIAADF6o.jpg-large Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE - The final name of Genei Ibun Roku #FE/ Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem - Its initials are the opposite of Shin Megami Tensei - Only Japanese vocals with English subtitles - Releases June 24th Lost Reavers - Formally known as Project Treasure, Namco’s F2P game - Open beta starts April 14th - Full game due out April 28th Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 7.51.14 PM Paper Mario: Color Splash - Premise is that Prism Island is being drained of its color and, guess what, it’s up to Paper Mario to bring the color back - Mario has a new paint hammer that restores paint to things - The combat system has you “painting cards” on the GamePad, and then flinging them to the TV -Elements from Sticker Star coming back like the fan that blows enemies away Mini Mario and Friends: amiibo Challenge - Free eShop download for both Wii U and 3DS - Players get it on March 25th with amiibo purchase at select retailers - Standard eShop release on April 28th Isabelle amiibo released this June alsongside her Summer outfit and the fourth wave of Animal Crossing amiibo cards Virtual Console - Super Nintendo games coming exclusively to New 3DS starting today - Super Mario World, Super Metroid, DKC 1 & 2, F-Zero, EarthboundZelda ALTTP, Pilotwings and Super Mario Kart all confirmed to release - Japan is getting a Super Famicom-themed New Nintendo 3DS XL Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 7.27.47 PM Pocket Card Jockey - By Game Freak - Horse raising and racing sim mixed with solitaire - Releasing this May Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 7.49.59 PM Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 - Sequel to the popular Mega Man X-style game for 3DS eShop - Gunvolt’s rival Copen becomes a playable character - Coming this summer Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 7.55.53 PM Hyrule Warriors Legends - Season Pass adds four all-new DLC packs in 2016 and exclusive Wind Waker-themed costume for Ganondorf - Retail copies get a voucher for a 3DS theme and another voucher for importing new characters to the Wii U version - Preorder at GameStop and get character art book at pickup - Medli joins as a free download character for both versions Disney Art Academy - Includes art and lessons based on Disney and Pixar characters - Coming May 13th https://youtu.be/erMcBpj-1z4 Bravely Second: End Layer - Like the first game, there’s a demo that has no relation to the main story, due out March 10th - Best Buy Gamer’s Club members can get the demo emailed early on March 7th - Blast Ba-als April 15th Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past - Full 3D remake of the PS1 game - Due out later this year https://youtu.be/tOvzepglCbA Monster Hunter Generations - Known as Monster Hunter X (pronounced as “cross”), renamed Generations here - Start with a Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate save file and get bonus stuff - Speaking of, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is $20 for the next 48 hours - Getting Marth costumer/weapon DLC - Summer 2016 Release https://youtu.be/sbKY_DYLZf8 Metroid Prime: Federation Force - Started devlopment in 2009 for DSi as an online-focused Metroid. - Restarted development for the 3DS, hinting to New 3DS exclusive - Get sub-weapons from the Federation, but have weight limit - Spring 2016 release -As I upload this, the YouTube trailer is blasted by negative votes, like its first trailer Rhythm Heaven Megamix - New versions of minigames from previous Rhythm Heaven games, including the original one never released in the West -Due out later this year Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 7.50.39 PM Kirby Planet Robobot - New Kirby game for 3DS, looks and plays a lot like Triple Deluxe - Kirby can now pilot enemies’ robots, which also have their own abilities and attacks - New mode, Kirby Clash, focuses on 1-4 player co-op to defeat difficult bosses. Has EXP system, new to Kirby games. This mode available for download play. - New Kirby amiibo brings back Dedede and Meta Knight while adding Waddle Dee. Adds costumes and exclusive copy abilities for Kirby Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 7.29.36 PM Here's the entire Direct: https://youtu.be/arl3ACzJCBI


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