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Nintendo e3 Wrap Up

Possibly the biggest piece of news to comes out of E3 was Nintendo revealing what their mysterious new console would be.  What materialized was the mutant offspring of a Dreamcast controller and an iPad.  Will this new Wii U usher Nintendo into the modern age?  Did the new line up of 3DS games make up for the lackluster launch titles?  Player Affinity’s Charles Battersby, Joe Button and Fergus Halliday discuss.

What was the most interesting Wii game?

Fergus: Rhythm Heaven, yes I know it’s not an entirely new game but the Wii version of Rhythm Heaven can only bring gamers more of the fantastic beat-based gameplay of the previous games.

Charles:  Not a single one of the games announced at E3 really interests me.  The best looking one is Zelda Skyward Sword, but I’ve never gotten in to the Zelda series, despite trying several of them.

Joe: As far as mechanics go, I'm really interested in playing Metroid: Other M.

And the most interesting 3DS game?

Charles: I got a little hands on with Resident Evil The Mercenaries before the 3DS was released, and it’s why I bought the thing.  After seeing some of Resident Evil Revelations, THAT’S the game I can’t wait for.

Joe:  I gotta be honest, the 3DS doesn't interest me at all. But I do want to play the Resident Evil Mercenaries title that it has, but that's more out of my love for Mercenaries mode than the 3DS platform.

Fergus: This has to be a toss up between Metal Gear Solid 3D and the two Resident Evil games coming for the 3DS. Its a bit early in the 3DS life to expect the really innovative titles that we've seen in the last few years with the DS but the games that Capcom is bringing to the 3DS are definitely catching my eye.

What do you think of this Wii U thing?

Joe: It has potential, no doubt. But I can't see any developers of third party content utilizing the controller’s capability, for example the hacking in Bioshock being done on that screen could be cool, or a constant mini map in a sandbox game that updated real-time. I really hope developers other than Nintendo take advantage of it. 

Charles:  It looks, big heavy and clumsy.  Whatever merits the touch screen has are going to have to be balanced against a player’s ability to use the thing comfortably.

Fergus:  Underwhelmed. A lot of hype was building behind Nintendo's new console and it felt a lot more like an add-on than a full new console to me. I'm not saying that its terrible (There are parts of it that I really like) but I think I just expected a bit more from Nintendo. On the other hand, a lot of games that were previously 360/PS3 games are coming to the Wii-U so it seems that Nintendo have put themselves back on even footing in terms of graphical power with Microsoft and Sony.

Is the Wii U controller going to compete with the DS series?

Charles:  Call me crazy, but this harkens back to the days of connecting your Game Boy Advance with your Gamecube.  I think in the near future we’re going see your Nintendo portable and your Nintendo console sold together as one package.  Maybe not the Wii U and 3DS, but the definitely the next generation.  Of course I might just be hoping that someone will get the old Dreamcast VMU idea running on a modern console.

Fergus: I don't think so, regardless of the portability of the controller, the Wii-U is still a home console and developers will put together home console-style games, whereas I think that the 3DS and DS are handhelds and are better suited for more portable experience.

Joe: No, but I imagine they will incorporate its uses somehow.

Most underwhelming announcement at E3

Fergus: Super Mario 3DS. Seriously Nintendo? Seriously? I'm not exactly surprised at a new Mario game and maybe I was a little naive to expect some kind of new IP from Nintendo. Perhaps it’s not too late to hope for something new on the Wii-U?

Charles: Mario Kart 3D?!?  Inconceivable!  Seriously though, it looks great, but I knew this game was coming as soon as they announced the 3DS and I knew it was going to look just like this too.  I hereby predict Super Mario Kart 4D Advance will hit shelves in five years!

Joe: I didn't find any announcement underwhelming to be honest, but the lack of any specs for the Wii U certainly took something away from its reveal.

Did Nintendo Win E3?

Fergus:  No, I would not say that Nintendo “Won” this years E3 nor would I say they lost it. The revealing of the Wii-U may have not met my expectations but it certainly got them a lot of press attention. 

Joe:  No. I wouldn't really say either of the three really "won" it, but Sony certainly impressed me the most with the Sony Vita demos and pricing, I'm really interested in the potential for the mix of controls it has.

Charles: I think they did.  We knew everything that Microsoft was going to say, and Sony’s biggest news was specifics on the Vita, but we already knew a lot about it to begin with.  The Wii U and its odd controller was the one thing I didn’t see coming a mile away.

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