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Nintendo Halts Wii Production

Nintendo hinted at it a few weeks ago and it’s finally happening, the Wii is no longer in production.

After its launch in November 2006, the small box and it’s new controller sold over 100 million units, making it the Nintendo's most successful home console and third highest selling device. Only the Game Boy and Nintendo DS sold more than it.

The reason behind the halt in production is simple: to focus on Wii U. The console has been struggling thanks to lack of software, identity issues with continuing the Wii name and a lack of education on what the system really does with the Gamepad controller looking too much like a handheld.

The Wii really had a great software lineup, both first and third-party. Xenoblade Chronicles, No More Heroes, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Sonic Colors and many more really defined the system to gamers while Wii Sports and Wii Fit defined it to a whole new audience. What was your favorite Wii game?


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