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Nintendo Not Taking Applications from Japanese Indie Devs

While Nintendo is making strides with gaining indie support for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS in the West, it seems that the company isn't syncing that support over in Japan.

In a developer’s questionnaire from the Game Developer’s Conference back in March, Nintendo explicitly states in it (in both English and Japanese), that Nintendo was not accepting applications from Japanese indie developers at that time. It is unknown if Nintendo reversed the decision since.

Nintendo in the past few years have made their platforms much more indie friendly. From eliminating its weird restrictions for WiiWare to hiring Microsoft’s Dan Adelman (who’s been a godsend to the company) to revealing Unity for Wii U and the Nintendo Web Framework at GDC, seeing something so unfriendly seems like a step back for the company. Nintendo has reached out to Eurogamer and it seems that it's due to their licensing policies in Japan, but they have not announced any reversals or policy changes in the region to help the situation.


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