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Nintendo Repackages Wii U Deluxe Bundles with Mario & Luigi, Ditches Nintendo Land

Nintendo is releasing a new Wii U bundle for the holidays and is replacing the current 32GB model packaged with Nintendo Land.

On November 1st, the Wii U 32GB Deluxe model will be bundled with New Super Mario Bros. U and its expansion New Super Luigi U. The price will still be at the recently slashed $299.99 and the two games will bundled on one disk, unlike how they delivered Wind Waker HD did in its bundle with a download voucher. The Wind Waker HD Limited Edition system will also stay on store shelves throughout the holiday season.

Nintendo Land, which is already out on its own, is getting a well-needed price cut to $30. The minigame collection for some reason was $59.99 and was for those who bought the 8GB Basic model, though the price of the system and the game cost more then the Deluxe model.


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