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Nintendo Switch Event Coming January

"Launch Details on January 11th"
When Nintendo announced their new console, the Nintendo Switch, they said we wouldn’t see much in terms of games and price until next year. It seems they confirmed that tonight because the full unveiling of the system will happen this January. cvvqnv1vmaa-px4 On January 12th (in Japan, it’ll be still the 11th in the US), Nintendo will allow both public and private events to sample what the Switch can do. The event will take place at the Tokyo Big Sight convention center in Japan where large events like Comiket take place. There, Nintendo will announced the release date and price for the system as well as launch lineup and third-party titles. The date makes sense. It allows Nintendo to get the holiday season out of the way. It also allows them to consider certain economic changes on the horizon, like the presidential election and if the yen weaken or strengthens.


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