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Nintendo Unveils 3DS Shop Channel

During an investors briefing on Friday, Nintendo President and CEO Satoru Iwata revealed the 3DS “Shop Channel”. This channel provides a peek at some of the advancements Nintendo hopes to make in its online offerings.  The Shop Channel is where 3DS owners will turn to when they are looking to download 3DS-ware and Virtual Console games for their tri-dimensional handheld, and it seems like Nintendo looks to make the purchasing process less painful than ever.

Most importantly, Nintendo is introducing the idea of virtual “game racks” that groups games together by similar genres and themes, making it easier to find the kind of games that you are interested in.  Nintendo also seems to be combining its ideas from its previous virtual Shops and its promotional Nintendo Channel.  When gamers select a game, they will be sent to that game’s main page where they will be able to find relevant release data and basic descriptions, in addition to links to video clips, game demos, and player ratings to insure that users know exactly what they are getting.

The 3DS Shop Channel will also include a basic search function that allows gamers to organize lists by date, popularity, and more.  In general, it appears that Nintendo is making sure that its customers are more easily able to find what they’re looking for while still promoting games relevant to each individual user.  Nintendo says that the 3DS has been designed to foster a sense of discovery and encourage “window shopping”, and while the main features seem a bit rudimentary, they are a great leap forward over the company’s previous attempts.

The video demonstration of the 3DS Shop Channel shown to investors can be found below.


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