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Nintendo World Championships Return at E3

"First one of its kind in twenty-five years!"
Nintendo today announced it's E3 plans, which will again forgo the older style E3 press conference for a streaming event, but will also dust off an event we haven’t seen in twenty-five years: the Nintendo World Championships.
On Tuesday June 16th at noon Eastern, Nintendo will announce its new Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games via the Nintendo Digital Event. Previous years, Nintendo usually hosted it on Nintendo.com, YouTube and Twitch. They will also stream gameplay on these games on the E3 show floor like last year with the Nintendo Treehouse Live, and will have Mario Maker playable at select Best Buys that week.
The weekend prior to E3 however will have the return of the Nintendo World Championships. Last time we saw this was back in 1990, where fans competed on a special NES cart consisting of a modified Super Mario Bros., Tetris and Rad Racer in order to win special NES carts, many of which became some of the most sought-after collector’s items.
While we don’t know what games will be part of, since it can consist of any modern or classic Nintendo games, we do know that there will be regional tourneys at select Best Buys on May 30th. The winners of those tournaments will be invited by Nintendo to compete on June 14th in Los Angeles in a multi-round event that’ll be streamed live.


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