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Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference Impressions

Below are my quick notes that I made during the Nintendo E3 Press Conference:

- Zelda is shown. The demo itself was a train-wreck. Constant mess-ups. The game looks good though.
- Reggie's back to talk all serious to us. Mario Sports Mix. I forsee this not being good.
- Reggie is now saying how great Nintendo is. This is entertaining!
- Wii Party announced. Also, looks bad. Only about one man in the crowd clapped.
- Just Dance 2. Hey no. If I want a dance game, I'm going to buy the one by Harmonix. Not the sequel to the terrible game last year.
- Golden Sun DS. Not for me but it looks decent enough.
- Goldeneye on Wii announced. I loved Goldeneye, but playing a shooter on the Wii has yet to be fun.
- Epic Mickey WOOO. The main game I was excited for at this presser. Looks excellent. The side-scrolling adventures seem fun and the paint/thinning concept could be a nice feature
- Kirby Epic Yarn also looks quite good. Beautiful art-style and it looks to have some clever mechanics.
- Dragon Quest. Yawn.
- New Donkey Kong! Woo! It's Donkey Kong. Looks good.
- Lots of 3DS talk.
- Kid Icarus. Man, looks exactly like a Wii game. Looks promising.
- Still torn on the 3DS. I want a price point! And a release date... Also, in that amazing DS eating people video, I saw a Starfox ship. I want.
- Good presser. Some interesting things. A few bad things. Overall, I enjoyed it. 


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