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No Battlefield 3 For Steam

Earlier today, Electronic Arts released a list of digital retailers that will be selling the highly anticipated Battlefield 3 when it gets released in October. While the list featured numerous online retailers such as Direct2Drive and GamesGate, the biggest digital distribution platform of the lot, Steam, was mysteriously absent.

It has been suspected by some that this exclusion of Steam may have something to do with the recent disputes that led to several EA games being taken off Steam and being sold as exclusives on EA's new Origin platform. EA claimed there was a conflict with the updated Steam Terms and Conditions, and that Steam's new 'Business Conditions' prevent them from delivering exclusive patches and content through other platforms such as Origin.

It's important to remember that this isn't Battlefield 3 being announced as an Origin exclusive like The Old Republic. EA's list has almost 100 different digital distribution outlets on it, and Steam is not there despite it being the biggest digital distribution outlet for PC gamers.

You can read more about EA's Origin service and what it will offer here and here.


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