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No Mo’ Commando!

Great news for all of us legit Modern Warfare gamers, but bad news for all of you cheesy players. Robert Bowling, the creative strategist for Infinity Ward, has confirmed that the commando perk previously in Modern Warfare 2 will not be in the next installment.

For those of you that are new to the Call of Duty series, commando was a perk that allowed you to melee another player from a substantial distance away from them. Basically you could stab from like ten feet away – amazing, huh? Not! Having that perk made the gameplay feel so unrealistic especially when you have those players who never used guns and abused the perk. Commando took away from the otherwise great gameplay.

The ousting of the perk loathed by many (including yours truly) is like music to my ears, as it will be to many gamers. Now all of those former cheesers are going to have to actually pick up a gun and learn how to use skill to become a decent player (good luck!). This news came along when Robert Bowling replied to a twitter question about the future of melee in which he stated, "Commando is no longer in the game." This is news that could potentially create further anticipation (if it is even possible to create more than what is already pretty much at the peak) of the third installment to the Modern Warfare series to be released November 8th of this year.


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