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No More Heroes 2 Lingerie & European Launch

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle launches in Europe and Australia May 28th. That is this Friday!

Desperate Struggle’s UK Publisher Rising Star Games has teamed up with Bedtime Flirt to release some No More Heroes themed lingerie based off the characters Naomi, Sylvia and Shinobu. The lingerie is already on sale to coincide with No More Heroes 2’s launch.  

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The outfits look vaguely faithful to the characters, so unless you look a great deal like one of the characters or have the accessories to match it, then this will look like any other piece of lingerie on you. It may provide for a quick and easy solution for cosplayers. However, with some time and effort it is not had to imagine someone managing to put together better recreations of these characters.

Regardless, it is nice to see people have some awareness of this game. No More Heroes 2 may have released here in the US in January, but it is easily still one of my favourite titles of the year. Hopefully PAL audiences will appreciate the game as much as I do. Go out to your local retailer this Friday and pick up Suda 51’s latest masterpiece.


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