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No More Heroes clothing store coming to London

In rather awesome news this week, well respected British fashion label, Chateau Roux, has opened a clothing store that directly duplicates No More Heroes' in-game clothing store, Airport 51. Sadly, the store will only remain Airport 51 until June 4th. Upon entering this fine store, you will be greeted by a life-size model of Travis Touchdown. Which sounds both amazing yet horrifying. The clothes that will be in the store will be directly endorsed by Suda 51, the developers of No More Heroes 1 and 2. The managing and creative director of Chateau Roux both praised the game highly and seemed very excited about the collaboration.

To me, this is just great. It's a very ambitious thing of Chateau Roux to do but if it pays off, this could mean not only more money for them, but more money for Suda 51. And because of the way No More Heroes 2 tanked in NPD's, I'm sure they have no problem with that. If only I lived in London...

The re-created Airport 51 will be open for business from Friday 28th May - Friday 4th June and is located off Carnaby St at: Chateau Roux, 17 Newburgh St, London W1F 7RZ. Further information on Chateau Roux can be found at www.chateauroux.co.uk


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