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No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise Demo and Region Confusion

Those of you who live in some countries such as mine (Australia or the United Kingdom) will no doubt find it a little odd that a few American game sites are talking about No More Heroes for PlayStation 3 as if it is a new thing, which weirdly it is for them. Allow me to elaborate.

Speaking to a UK friend of mine there is indeed a version of No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise available on store shelves already in our countries, and has been since April I believe. I've definitely seen it here so I was initially confused as to why a few US sites were reporting a demo for this game releasing on PlayStation network for the upcoming release of a version of the game in their country with the same title.

It turns out America didn't get the original HD upgraded version of No More Heroes that we got a few months back, of which its biggest features outside the obvious HD makeover was Move support and a boss battle mode. This was also titled Heroes' Paradise, so the version of the game they are getting is actually the one that is releasing in Japan soon subtitled Red Zone, and for whatever reason it was decided to be retitled to the previous one, probably just to give me a headache.

The difference between Heroes' Paradise that is out here and the one coming to America is content and modes. It comes with everything the previous one did plus extra boss fights from No More Heroes 2, some new modes, ten new missions and a model viewer. The demo for this game is up on PSN already and the full game will be out in the US on August 16th. I swear Suda himself planned out this region specific version release re-titling nonsense – the man likes his crazy and this is certainly making me crazy.

No word yet on if this Red Zone updated version of Heroes' Paradise will be releasing outside Japan and US but I sure hope so because it’s the one I want, darn it.


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