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Halo Reach has been out for around a day now, and a few interesting facts have come out. One of the biggest being for those who own the less expensive 4 gb Xbox 360 Slim. It seems that Owners of the system and Halo Reach are finding that they can not play online co-op with their 250 gb Slim and original Xbox 360 owning friends. For those unfortunate enough to own both you will be greeted to a message that states "one or more of the players do not hace a hard drive which is required for this playlist." 

While some might think that using an external hard drive may fix, you'd be wrong. Very wrong. It seems the only way around it is to shell out the $130 for a 250 gb hard drive. For those doing the math that bring the total cost of your new Xbox 360 slim to about $330. Which is actually $30 more than if you bought the 250 gb Xbox 360 Slim.

I have to say that there are two tings that this might be. Microsoft has more than likely dropped the ball on these 4 gb hard drives, but hopefully this is not some scheme to get more money out of us. Though this wouldn't be the first time Microsoft or even Nintendo and Sony (as well as every other company in the past) have tried to shake a few bucks from us through dirty means. 


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