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Like Child’s Play: Non-Humans Announced

Image Comics has a new and unique book to satisfy readers terrifying tastes this October. A NASA space probe has brought a disease to Earth. The disease has made toys, dolls, mannequins and other yet to be revealed inanimate objects walk, talk, speak, and unfortunately for the human race, think. This race of inanimate objects is known "creatively" as the Non-Humans. But, adding some legitimate creativity to the series, the dolls will have parts of the personalities of the people who used them, an aspect that could be very interesting and play a big role in the series. I love seeing dolls with mean streaks. Even when Chucky became more of a joke than a horrific figure, I enjoyed seeing a little doll kill. This series sounds like it could go either way and be scary and funny, but I'm hoping for a mixture of the two. These are dolls after all. But not only does this title sound fun, it marks the return of an Image Comics' founder, Whilce Portacio, to creator-owned works. Non-Humans will be Portacio's first creator owned work since his Wetworks series, which originally ran from 1994-1996 and was then re-launched back in 2006. Portacio is very happy to be working on such a unique book, saying: Whilce Portacio "It's very exciting for me to get back on a creator-owned book... It took a long time waiting for the right one to come along that would really fire my imagination. I have the same boundless enthusiasm for NON-HUMANS that I had when Image Comics was first formed. I feel like there are no limits to what we can do with this story." Non-Humans will be penned by Glen Brunswick (Gray Area, Jersey Gods). Brunswick also reveals a little more about the Non-Humans in this statement: Glen Brunswick "The toys are not only a new minority in our world, but because they come from us they are quite human--with all of the frailties, insecurities and desires we humans possess... And some of these creatures can be very dark--it's a world filled with toys that envy us, want to be more like us, and are willing to kill us if they can't get what they want. What could be better than that?" Hopefully, I don't have issues with Portacio's artwork like I did in Artifacts #8. As long as he keeps the action running high, I shouldn't have a problem with him... and his artwork improves a little from what we see on the Non-Humans cover. Though when do interior artists ever do the covers of their work? I hope Portacio and Brunswick's enthusiasm in playing with some dolls gives us a great story. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until October to read the full issue, but Non-Humans can be ordered in the August issue of Previews and the first five pages can be read in the back of Elephantmen #42, which was released on August 15th, 2012. Non-Humans #1 cover


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