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Notch Ready To See A Tim Schafer Game Back In The Spotlight

Tim Schafer is a brilliant man, his games of the last few years prove it, Grim Fandango was a romp through an after-death 40's noir setting, Psychonauts was a journey through a summer camp of psychics and their minds and Brutal Legend was an exploration of a world conjured from heavy metal dreams and ambitions. Notch, or Markus Persson, the man behind Minecraft is also a pretty crazy dude. Creating Minecraft and already being heralded as the greatest independent game developer of the generation, these two men have some pretty heavy pedigrees behind them.

"@TimOfLegend Let's Make Psychonauts 2 Happen"

Simple as that, Notch called on Tim Schafer (Known as TimOfLegend on Twitter) to make what is arguably his best game finally give some closure to the insane sequel hook at the end of the first Psychonauts. For the electro hippies of our generation, hailing indie darlings like Braid and Machinarium as works of art to rival Shakespeare, this is the equivalent of hearing their dog is coming back to life for an insane rock show in the Madison Square.

Is Psychonauts finally going to be perfected and completed? Or is this one work of art that should be left untouched?

Source: https://twitter.com/#!/notch/status/166838426207924224


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