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November Nintendo Direct Recap

"Holy crap! Zelda, Splatoon DLC, Fire Emblem LE, Cloud in Smash and more!!"
Today Nintendo put on their first Nintendo Direct since their former President Satoru Iwata died last July. Nintendo of America’s president Reggie Fis-Aime and Treehouse veteran Bill Trinen hosted the American Direct, which we will cover today. After Reggie expressed his gratitude to everyone about the well wishes of Iwata’s passing, he got straight to the Direct itself, starting off with a modern classic.
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD
-Not a full remake, but an upres’d remaster with fixed textures. Looks to be 1080p, like Wind Waker HD
-Developed by Tantalus
-Game will be bundled with a Wolf Link amiibo and will be compatible with Link, Toon Link, Shiek, Zelda and Ganondorf’s amiibo
-Releases March 4th for $60 with amiibo
-Preorder bonus is soundtrack
The Legend of Zelda
-Reconfirmed for Wii U in 2016
-Data from Twilight Princess HD will be transferred to the new game via the Wolf Link amiibo
The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes
-New update adds a new dungeon: Den of Trials, longer than any dungeon in the game
-Also adds Linebeck’s outfit (Phantom Hourglass) and the Fierce Diety costume (Majora’s Mask)
-December 2nd
Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon
-Releasing next Friday, Nov 20th
-Contains all 720 Pokémon
-Include 3DS theme for a limited time
-Update hitting today and tomorrow
-today’s adds 40 pieces of gear, many winter and bandanas
- Also get the Museum D’Alfonsino map, which has many pieces of famous art remake in Inkling form
-Tomorrow Mahi-Mahi Resort, a poolside resort, has shifting water levels and can expose new parts
-Nintendo will continue updates until next January!
-Will add Tourney modes for local and online brackets
Super Mario Maker
-New update in December adds functionality with a PC and mobile friendly website that allows users to search for stages better than what they can do in-game
-Favorited stages will sync and download on your Wii U automatically
Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival
-Takes place in a matter of a in-game month, player who gets more happy points wins
-Isabelle and Digby included with game. Isabelle will be sold separately in 2016 and Digby won’t. Included while supplies last
Mabel, Lottie, Tom Nook and a three-pack of K.K. Slider, Cyrus and Reese releases alongside game
-Releases tomorrow (13th)
Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash
-Has online!
-Releases Next Friday
Xenoblade Chronicles X
-Now available: Install packs for disc version. Four Total: Basic Pack (2GB), Enemy Pack (2.7GB), Player Pack (3.6GB) and Skell Pack (1.7GB)
-These allow for better performance, and allow the choice if you have limited space
-Available now to preload packs or preload the entire digital version
-December 4th release
Nintendo Badge Arcade
-Crane machine that can unlock badges and themes to decorate the 3DS Home Screen
-Practice once a day to chance a freeplay
-Plays cost real money
-Badges come and go on a regular basis
-Splatoon ones available today
-Available now (releases earlier this week actually)
Pokémon Picross
-Spinoff of a popular puzzle series (and amazing one to boot)
-Use process of elimination and numbered hints to create a picture
-Unlock Pokémon to add effects to the board
-Free to Start
-Available early December
-Wii U Black Friday bundle has Splatoon and Super Smash Bros.
-Stores are carrying it for various price points (between $250 and $280)
-Old 3DS XL Bundled with Super Mario 3D Land hitting Black Friday as well
-Lucas and more Animal Crossing figures releasing: Resetti, Kicks, Blathers and Celeste
-Animal Crossing Series 2 cards also releasing
-All release on January 22nd
Pokkén Tournament
-Shadow Mewtwo reconfirmed
-Preorder/first released versions get amiibo card unlocking Shadow Mewtwo instantly
Star Fox Zero
-Releasing April 22nd
Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
-Combines Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi
-Has amiibo support to unlock cards to take advantage of battles
-Releases January 22nd
Final Fantasy Explorers
-Monster hunter-style gameplay in FF universe
-Online/offline co-op
-Can recruit monsters for allies
-Can dress like popular characters like Lightning, Cloud, Squall, Yuna and more
-Post-game DLC coming
-$80 collector’s edition has exclusive weapons, art book, soundtrack sampler, 3DS case and cool box
Fire Emblem Fates
-Releasing in three versions: Birthright, Conquest and Revelation. All have different campaigns
-Birthright and Conquest will release on cart/eShop for $40, but can buy the other one in-game eShop for $20
-Revelations releases as DLC after launch, will contain secrets of the campaign
-Limited Editon will have all three campaigns on ONE CART for $80, alongside artbook, 3DS case and cool box
-Post launch DLC announced, doing reserves on a season pass
-Releases February 19th
Mega Man Legacy Collection
-Mega Man 1-6
-Has a NES Remix-style minigame mode
-Has Mega Man amiibo support, unlocks 11 challenges exclusive to 3DS version
-Has Collector’s Edition for $50 with Gold Mega Man amiibo
-Releases on February 23rd
Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow Version
-Hitting 3DS Virtual Console
-Has local Wi-Fi battles and trading (which otherwise would have been impossible to 100%)
-Releases February 27th
Hyrule Warriors Legends
-3DS version of Wii U game + Season Pass
-Adds Tetra, Toon Link and King of Red Lions from Wind Waker, and Skull Kid from Majora’s Mask
-New Character: Linkle. Formally only seen in artwork, she is a female Link who’s a hunter that dual-wields Crossbows like Uzis. From a town filled with Cuccos. Uses spin kicks like Link’s Spin Attack
-Available March 25th, contains 3DS theme in first run copies
Bravely Second: End Layer
-Releasing Spring
Dragon Quest VII and VIII
-Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past is a full 3D remake of the PS1 game with more content
-Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King is a enhanced port of the (excellent) PS2 game with new characters
-DQ7 releases this summer, DQ8 afterwards in 2016
Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS
-New Challenger! Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII!
-Like Ryu, he will have a stage with him: Midgar
-Uses attacks from the game, can charge Limit meter to do more powerful versions of his special attacks
-Chocobo hats for Mii Fighters coming as well
-Lastly, Nintendo will be doing a Smash Bros Direct in December
Granted it’s been months, but wow was there a ton of stuff announced today for Wii U and 3DS! Like always, the whole Nintendo Direct is below.


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