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Well we can take a breath now. Summer season is over and we got through two weeks of The Possession sitting on top of a dismal box office run. Now, fall is beginning to kick in, and we've got a handleful of releases that cover a wide range of genres and categories.

Resident Evil: Retribution

Written and Directed by Paul W.S. Anderson
Starring: Mila Jovovich, Sienna Guillory, Michelle Rodriguez, Johann Urb, Shawn Roberts
Distributor: Screen Gems
Theater Count: 3,012

What’s It About?
Alice (Jovovich), a former employee-turned-lab rat of the Umbrella Corporation, continues her quest to destroy the company behind her fractured past—the same company that unleashed the T-Virus on the world leaving an undead army in its wake.

Early Reaction: Anderson isn’t known for doing advanced screenings of his work, largely due to the fact that none of his movies are received well, critically speaking. Seven reviews have already come in as of this morning for Retribution, and it’s safe to say they are not enthusiastic.

Metacritic: N/A
Rotten Tomatoes: 14%

What to Watch For: Classic characters from the games making their franchise debut — Leon S. Kennedy (Urb) and Ada Wong (Li Bingbing), as well as the return of a few key players from the first film long since dead.

Finding Nemo 3D

Directed by Andrew Stanton
Written by Andrew Stanton, Bob Peterson, David Reynolds
Starring: Albert Brooks, Ellen DeGeneres, Alexander Gould, Willem Dafoe
Distributor: Walt Disney Pictures
Theater Count: 2,904

What’s It About?
The story follows clownfish Marlin’s (Brooks) trek across the Great Barrier Reef and all of the locations/creatures he encounters while searching for his son Nemo (Gould), who has been taken by scuba divers to a local dentist’s fish tank.

Early Reaction: 3D or not, Finding Nemo is already much loved and revered in the film world. Given the depths (get it?!) Pixar has gone to successfully convert the film to 3D, we wouldn’t be surprised the film’s conversion is welcomed for kids and adults alike.

Metacritic: 89/100
Rotten Tomatoes: 99%

What to Watch For: The 3D conversion — Obviously, the 3D is the biggest thing going for this re-release. Everything else is just a rehash to an already gorgeous looking film, though to be sure, some are glad they can go see an assuredly great movie on the big screen.

Last Ounce of Courage

Directed by Darrel Campbell, Kevin McAfee
Written by Darrel Campbell
Starring: Marshall R. Teague, Jennifer O’Neill, Fred Williamson
Distributor: Rocky Mountain Pictures
Theater Count: 1,407

What’s It About? The son of a fallen soldier, years after his father's death, tries to reconnect with his grandfather, who is still grieving the loss of his child.

Early Reaction: The first reaction to this release is “what the hell is that?” This one comes from distributor Rocky Mountain Pictures, who peddled 2016: Obama's America last month and has a reputation for pushing right-wing agenda films. When you get any folks in a theater, however, apparently there is nothing good to be said, given its Rotten Tomatoes score currently stands at 0% .

Metacritic: N/A
Rotten Tomatoes: 0%

What to Watch For: How fast this one goes from 1,407 screen releases to zero.

Limited/Independant Releases

The Master
— The latest from director Paul Thomas Anderson tells the story of a charismatic intellectual known as “The Master” (Phillip Seymour Hoffman) whose beliefs lead to the rise of a cult focused on his teachings. Joaquin Phoenix stars as his mentally unstable right-hand man. (Metacritic: 87/100; Rotten Tomatoes: 84%) — The Weinstein Company

10 YearsYears after going their separate ways, a once-close circle of friends reunites to learn each has changed in drastic ways. An ensemble that includes Channing Tatum, Rosario Dawson, Justin Long, Kate Mara, Chris Pratt, Oscar Isaac and Anthony Mackie has been gaining small but supportive traction up to its release. (Metacritic 63/100; Rotten Tomatoes: 77%) — Anchor Bay Films

Arbitrage — Centers around New York hedge-fund master Robert Miller (Richard Gere), who appears to have everything money and life have to offer, including a beautiful and loyal wife (Susan Sarandon) and sharp daughter (Brit Marling). All is not how it seems, however, as Miller secretly scrambles to sell his company before it is revealed it's a fraud that runs dark and deep. (Metacritic 73/100; Rotten Tomatoes: 81%) — Roadside Attractions

Freelancers — Malo (Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson), the son of a killed-in-action NYPD officer, joins the force to pick up where his father left off. Under the tutelage of his father’s former partner (Robert De Niro), Malo becomes a member of a “rouge” division within the NYPD, using unsanctioned methods to fight crime in the city. Learning the cause of his father’s death, Malo sets his sights on any within or outside the force responsible. — Lionsgate

Liberal Arts
— A disillusioned and newly-single writer gets an invitation back to his colleg campus from a former professor to speak. While there, he relives his past experiences and crosses paths with an expressive and beautiful sophomore, awakening feelings in him he forgot he had. (Metacritic: 55/100; Rotten Tomatoes: 59%) — IFC Films

Stolen — A former thief (Nicolas Cage) is released from prison to learn his daughter has been kidnapped by a former partner long-thought dead. In order to save her, he must steal $10 million from a bank while being tracked by the same detective that put him away the first time around. — Millennium Films


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