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Nvidia Show Off New Lines at GTC

Today at GTC, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang showed off some new and upcoming graphics technology including a $3,000 high-end component for PC game enthusiasts and a cloud-computing partnership with VMWare.
PC gaming is on the decline due to the recent release of the next gen consoles having their processors and graphics dedicated to AMD the guys at Nvidia have focused their attention on a higher end graphics line and integrating their chips into mobile devices. At the company's annual graphics technology conference in San Jose which boasted a 3,000 strong crowd, Huang showed off a self-driving Audi, powered by a Nvidia processor, that drove onto the stage during his presentation.
Huang also announced a new version of Nvidia's high-end Titan graphics card. The new Titan Z will be priced ahead of its current top mode the 780ti and will sell for $2,999 and boasts two Kepler graphics processors and follows the previous Titan chip that sold for around $1,000. He showed the new Titan displaying interplay between a solid block swinging from an elastic and smoke particles moving around it.
"If you're in desperate need of a supercomputer that you need to fit under your desk, we have just the card for you," Jen-Hsun explains.
Nvidia also announced an upcoming graphics processor unit, nicknamed after French mathematician Blaise Pascal, with memory chips stacked one on top of each other to allow data to move faster and more efficiently. Nvidia has been trying to push into tablets and smartphones over the past few years but has struggled to stake out market share due to stiff competition from larger Qualcomm Inc which are used in the majority of tablets worldwide.
Now, the company is pushing its Tegra line of mobile chips as ideal for powering entertainment and navigation systems in cars and in January, Nvidia said it was solidifying its relationship with Audi, which plans to use the upcoming Tegra K1 chip in more of its cars. Nvidia is also pushing for its graphics chip technology to be used in data centers providing web-based processing power to enterprise customers.
Huang also explained cloud-computing company VMWare which make a multitude of IT products including a dual boot windows for Apple, would incorporate Nvidia's technology in its virtualization software which helps companies save on server and storage costs.
Nvidia recently announced that its Tegra mobile chip and LTE modem would be used in a new version of Microsoft's Surface tablet.


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