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NYCC 2014: Lemire and Perez to Restart Hawkeye

One of Marvel’s most lauded recent series has been Hawkeye by Matt Fraction and David Aja. It has won numerous awards, including Harvey and Eisner Awards this year. Many comic readers who would never have expected to care about the Hawkguy have become huge fans of the series. However, Fraction and Aja have said that they have an end point in mind and will not continue after Hawkeye issue #22. Marvel had made the somewhat unusual decision to stop the series rather than change creative teams.  

Lemire Perez Hawkeye #1

  However, at the New York Comic Con on Sunday, during the “Axel-In-Charge” panel, Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso revealed that the Hawkeye series would be restarted by Jeff Lemire and Ramon Perez in March 2015. The new series by Lemire and Perez would begin with a #1 issue, which is line with Marvel’s new trend of restarting and rebooting series with #1 issues. Lemire is primarily known for the Vertigo series Sweet Tooth and work with DC Comics. He began the now-cancelled Animal Man series that started with the “New 52” relaunch and also has written Justice League Dark, Green Arrow, and was one of the writers on New 52: Futures End.   Ant-Man #1 2015 & Hawkeye   During the panel, Alonso also announced that Marvel would be published a new Ant-Man series as well. Beginning in January 2015, Ant-Man will be written by Nick Spencer (Avengers World, Superior Foes of Spider-Man) with art by Ramon Rosanas. The Ant-Man at the center of the series will be Scott Lang rather than Hank Pym, which keeps in line with the upcoming Ant-Man movie, where Ant-Man will be Scott Lang (played by Paul Rudd). Later asked during Q&A if there were plans for Hank Pym, considering that he will not be the featured Ant-Man, Alonso assured fans that Pym will have an important upcoming role in the Marvel Universe, only not as Ant-Man.


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