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NYCC 2016: Marvel Comics Will Release America Chavez Solo Title

In the past few years, Marvel Comics has been more daring in their approach to solo books. They have offered solo titles to characters who would not have received them in the past. Some examples include Squirrel Girl, Karnak, and Slapstick. America Chavez is joining those ranks, as Marvel announced on Friday at New York Comic Con that she will be getting her own solos series. The comic will be titled America. Marvel did not include a publication date for the new series. However, America Chavez has long been very popular. So it is not really surprising that she is getting a solo series.   america chavez   America Chavez may be best known as a member of the Young Avengers, a team of young legacy versions of classic Avengers. During the Young Avengers run by Keiron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie, she went by the name Ms. America. Her origin is somewhat complex. She comes from the “Utopian Parallel,” an alternate dimension where she was raised by two mothers, who later sacrificed themselves to save the dimension. Later, America appeared in the main Marvel Universe. Besides Young Avengers, she has been a character in A-Force and Ultimates.   Publishers are trying to become more representative of the diverse world of readers. America Chavez is an example of doing it well. She is a female character, Latina and LGBT. However, she also had numerous other qualities that make her and her backstory interesting. Fans seem to like America Chavez, too. So there is a chance that America could be a success like Kamala Khan or Miles Morales. Additionally, she has an impressive set of powers, including flight, super strength, speed and near invincibility.   america #1 america chavez   Marvel has not revealed the creative team on America. McKelvie and colorist Matt Wilson will be providing covers. Marvel released the cover for the first issue of America from McKelvie and Wilson. The creators of the character, writer Joe Casey and artist Nick Dragotta, are probably not involved. Casey and Dragotta are creating a different version of the character called America Vasquez for Image Comics. Their comic will be called All-America Comix.


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