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NYCC: Marvel Announces New Avengers-Related Titles

During New York Comic Con, Marvel Comics had a series of panels where they broke a lot of news. Much of their news stemmed from new series or rebooted series. For a while, Marvel had been releasing print teasers with a headline word and a creative lineup but not the title or character. Those teasers were answered during NYCC across a series of panels from Friday to Sunday. Some of the earliest news concerned the Avengers franchise.

In recent years, Marvel has expanded the Avengers team to be more than just the long-running Avengers title. Now, there is a series of titles under the Avengers umbrella such as New Avengers, Secret Avengers, Mighty Avengers, and others. Add two more titles to the bunch as Avengers World will soon be coming from writers Jonathan Hickman and Nick Spencer with art by Stefano Caselli. During the "Marvel: Avengers" panel, Executive Editor Tom Breevort mentioned that Hickman and Spencer would be plotting the series but that Spencer would be writing the scripts. It was also mentioned that the main Avengers title would be going from the current twice a month schedule to once a month, with Avengers World would fitting in that vacated spot. Hickman and Spencer mentioned that there would be new lineups, but that Avengers World would explore some of the newer Avengers such as Smasher, Hyperion and Manifold.

Avengers World

Another new series will be Avengers Undercover from writer Dennis Hopeless and art Kev Walker. This will spin out of the soon-to-conclude Avengers Arena. The premise is that a number of the teen heroes currently trapped in the death matches in Avengers Arena will decide to go undercover as villains to take down the Masters of Evil. However, as they will struggle to cope with the traumatic events of Avengers Arena, the line between right and wrong will be hard to tow.

Avengers Undercover

Both Secret Avengers and Avengers A.I. would be having bigger changes as well. Secret Avengers will soon have the creative team of writer Ales Kot and artist Michael Walsh. In Avengers A.I., writer Sam Humphries will be move the story 10,000 years into the future.

Over the weekend, Marvel announced a number of other new series. Two notable ones were Silver Surfer with writer Dan Slott and artist Michael Allred (who recently drew the Surfer in an issue of Daredevil), a new take on Ghost Rider by writer Felipe Smith and artist Tradd Moore.

Ghost Rider

Among the other news series announced at NYCC were New Warriors (featured new and original members) from writer Chris Yost and artist Marcus To, Black Widow by writer Nathan Edmondson and artist Phil Noto, and Elektra from writer Zeb Wells and artist Mike Del Mundo.


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