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Obama Administration Creates Department of Electronic Entertainment

The White house announces the creation of a new Department of the Federal Government to regulate video games and other forms of electronic entertainment, as well as provide a rating system that will assist parents in determining which games are suited for their children, and to assist the public in remaining abreast of video game news. Headed by Department Chief Thomas Jackson, the DoEE is America’s first line of defense against inappropriate content delivered via electronic entertainment, and a parent’s first stop for information regarding the age appropriateness of upcoming games like Bonestorm VII: Revenge of the Fleshreaper, and Princess Peach’s Wii Tea Party. 

The Rating Categories are as follows:
C71: For children of 71 months and younger. 
YA10: Young Adult under the age of ten. 
T17: Suitable for teens between 10 and 17 
OA: Only Adults over the age of 18. 
E-17: Must not be view by anyone who is not exactly 17. 
40+: Recommended for gamers over the age of 40. 

For more information on this initiative, visit www.DoEE.us

UPDATE:  April Fool 


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