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Obsidian Making a Documentary

Obsidian’s Kickstarter campaign dubbed ‘Project Eternity’ has a mere 50 hours to go. There may only be a little over two days remaining, but the past 28 days have seen the video game fundraising project go through a lot of changes. Project Eternity has added many new benefits and perks for supporting Obsidian by backing the project. If you haven’t seen the fundraiser in a while, it might be a whole different Kickstarter monster altogether. Oh yeah, and it’s almost acquired 3.1 million so far.

Project Eternity's bonus goodies started with basically the game and maybe a T-shirt. Now there’s a cookbook, a digital download for Wasteland 2 and the Project Eternity Expansion Pack, Od Nua’s Dungeon keeps getting deeper, crafting and enchanting will be implemented, and even George Ziets has been signed-on as a creative mind to help develop the game. Obsidian also posted the first screen-shot of the isometric role-playing game.

But one of the biggest attractions of the fundraiser’s additions is the recent announcement of Obsidian’s “Project Eternity the Documentary”. That’s right, Obsidian will be making a full-fledged documentary of the process for making the entire RPG. This is what Obsidian had to say:

“After getting a lot of requests to do a documentary, like the Double Fine Adventure, we started looking into it a couple of weeks ago. We talked about it more last week and decided that we don’t have a visual history of one of our games, even after almost ten years as a company. We felt it was something we should just do and do it without it being a new stretch goal.

So, we are happy to announce that we are going to include a stream, download, or physical copy of the documentary in all of our Kickstarter reward tiers. At the $20/$25 level you will be able to stream it, at the $35 level you will be able to download it, and at the $140 level (and physical tiers above) we will include a DVD / Blu-ray.”

Looks like I pledged just enough to get a physical copy of the documentary. How about you? Have you pledged? Either way, give Obsidian’s Project Eternity a look, a lot's changed.



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