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Oddboxx Receives Widescreen Update & More

If you own the Oddboxx compilation of Oddworld games, you might have noticed some updates downloading today on your Steam account. The developer Oddworld Inhabitants has previously promised an update for Stranger's Wrath, which will provide enhanced graphics, but today's update is not THAT update.  Today players got a set of fixes and minor improvements.

Included with the Stranger's Wrath patch is support for widescreen resolutions.  As was mentioned in my recent review, this was sorely missed when the game was ported to PC from its original XBox format.  Also included is the option to remap controls, and better support for gamepads (For those players who forego the keyboard and mouse set up for some unfathomable reason).  Vertical synch has added to appease graphics whores as well.
Also updated is Oddworld Munche's Oddysee which has received a much smaller patch which addresses a few bugs, but a more extensive patch is forthcoming.  No exact date has beens set for that, or the new texture pack for Stranger's Wrath.  More on the improvements can be found at Oddworld's website.


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