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Of Orcs & Men – Review

The only aspect I really didn't cover that I really wish I had in the video review was Of Orcs and Men's music. I kept trying to fit it in somewhere but I continued to feel like it was tacked-on. I did almost find a suitable spot within the combat section. I was going to say something like "When entering battle the music is quite profound, it's primal and up-beat to keep the tempo of combat riveting. The Boston String Quartet is simply amazing, for a slower-paced combat experience, it really helps keep tensions high, even while engaged in slow-motion combat."

Alas, it was cut. On the other hand, the soundtrack for Of Orcs and Men is so amazing that I felt obligated to make the video below to display some of the talented musicians' skills that worked on the Of Orcs and Men score. I hope you enjoy the music and enjoy the review.



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